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Sound Healing Meditation - Shared screen with speaker view
Colleen Carvalho- BACC
Welcome everyone! If you are just joining us we are asking that you keep yourselves on mute during the session, but you are welcome to type any questions you have into the chat. Thank you!
Colleen Carvalho- BACC
Jessica recommends using a head set for the session, and then change your sessions by going to the bottom left hand corner of your screen and hover over the area near the microphone and this will bring up audio settings, and at the bottom right corner you will see an advanced button, and then you will see a box that says enable original sound and you want to click that button.
Colleen Carvalho- BACC
In the top left hand corner of your main screen you should see it say “Turn off original sound” (this means that the original sound is on)